Guests I Blocked In September 2019

My Wekan board serves me in two ways. The first one, quite obviously, is to organize my tasks. The second one is to be a honeypot. Looking at logs, I can spot techniques people use to attack web apps. Pretty interesting readings. Here are some of IPs I blocked recently.

Location of Linode, LLC in Philadelphia
IP: of Linode's (Linode, LLC) server in Philadelphia.
IP: from Antalya, Turkey (TurkTelekom).
IP: 'Hi!' to curious people in Centreville, Virginia, USA.
IP: scanner hosted in one of Digital Ocean's box in Amsterdam.
IP: company (hosting?) registered on Seychelles, but the server is in Amsterdam.
IP: Really?
IP: from South Korea wants to know my plans.
IP: software hosted in one of Zenlayer's (Zenlayer Inc) spoofs user agent. Vernon, California, USA.
IP: Turkey, but this time Istanbul (TurkTelekom).
IP: from the middle of nowhere, Minacu, Goias, Brazil.
IP: from Chichawatni, Punjab, Pakistan.
IP: from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India looks very similar to requests from Pakistan and Brazil. Proxies?
IP: of Microsoft Azure server in California, USA hosts zgrab tool. I do not expect any requests from other cloud providers, so I blocked whole range of IPs.
IP: is calling.
IP:, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil.
IP:, Japan. The geography of unwanted guests is the whole Globe.

Sep 30, 2019. Berlin