KWORDS.IO Optimizes AdWords Campaigns

I proudly present a product I launched today ⁠— The service behind improves AdWords campaigns in two ways. It can maximize the number of clicks for advertisements but stay within budget. Another option is that it can reduce your spendings on ad keeping the number of clicks on the level you had before.

I've briefly described an idea of AdWords optimization it in the blog post Google OR-Tools. Early feedback I had on the shows me there are still plenty of things to do, but I'm really excited to see the project live.

The primary motivation for me to develop the service is a vast disproportion of what kind of computer science resources big companies have access to in contrast to small companies. It is quite common at big companies to hire hundreds or thousand software developers and ask them to automate, optimize, and solve complex business cases. Small companies rarely have such luxury. I see this as an imbalance and unfair advantages for big companies that push small businesses out of the market. I'm not trying to solve all the problems that small businesses have, but I could try to address one or maybe a couple of them.

I developed MVP in an hour or so intentionally sacrificing all the engineering practices I know for the speed of development. For the big advocate of software engineering practices (like, for example, automated tests) this is a field way beyond my comfort zone. Now I'm curious how far I can go with this approach.

The decision not to use the best software engineering practices is not spontaneous, and the project isn't just an experiment. This decision has some groundings in my side research of an average software program lifespan, which I explained in The Half-life of Software.

Do you know somebody who owns a small business and advertises on AdWords? Do share the link with them, they will appreciate it.

Screenshot of KWORDS.IO home page. KWORDS.IO is the smartest way to optimize your AdWords Campaigns
Screenshot of, Jun 2019

Jun 26, 2019. Berlin