The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019

The lovely company, JetBrains conducted marketing research called "The State of Developer Ecosystem 2019". They surveyed about 19000 software developers and built a final report based on responses from 7000 of them. An exciting read with lots of infographics.

I remember their motto "Develop with Pleasure" on the splash screen of IntelliJ IDEA screen circa 15 years ago.

Findings and my reaction on them

Top-5 programming languages are JavaScript, Java, Python, HTML / CSS, and SQL.

Curious, since when HTML and CSS become programming languages?

Developers use Windows, MacOS, or Linux operation systems while developing software.

Well, what else we can use?

Around 60% of us doing Web Back-end development, 45% develop Front-end, and 23% work every day on Mobile applications development. Only 4% develop games, and 7% apply their maths skills in Machine Learning.

Wait for a second, who develops software for airplanes, for SpaceX, for schools and CERN? Who invents new programming languages, or speeds up genome sequencing? Who advances the whole field and makes the world a bit better than it is?

They all fall into category "Others" with a tiny 2%.

The fun fact is that 13% of software developers don't develop anything.

Maybe the best among us don't have time to participate in all those surveys?

Software developers prefer dogs over cats.


I bet you use open source software every day when you code. All those libraries. Do you contribute back to society? The answer from 44% of developers is "No."

Well, from the other side, 56% of developers said "Yes"! BTW, I do. Here is the library I maintain: play-zhewbacca

Couple of words about our future:

What about work-life balance? 87% of us do code on weekends.

Yeah, it's not enough just to be a back-end or front-end developer. We want to make the world a better place.
Joking. We have side work and plan to retire at 40. Check my

The research also covers Java, C, C++, C#, Go, Python, PHP, Ruby, Swift & Objective-C, Scala, JavaScript, Kotlin, Databases, Team tools, DevOps, and Rust. I am going to put their findings on Technology Trends page as well.

Jun 28, 2019. Berlin